Atlanta Orthopedic Surgeon

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atlanta orthopedic surgeon

The Atlanta Orthopaedic Institute is a leading musculoskeletal center with world-class physicians in all areas of orthopaedic surgery. This center specializes in spine and joint surgery. The physicians are experienced in total joint replacement, limb lengthening, and anterior hip procedures. The empathetic staff at this medical center will provide you with the care you need, and their highly qualified team will give you the best possible return to work and recovery time.

Here Is What You Should Do For Your Atlanta Orthopedic Surgeon

Global Orthopedics is a top Atlanta Orthopedic Institute and has fellowship-trained physicians in all areas of the specialty. Dr. Furie is a board-certified physician with extensive experience and a commitment to customized care. He is a member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery and is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for every patient. If you are interested in an upcoming procedure, or need to get a second opinion, Dr. Furie can help.

Whether you need a knee replacement or a hip replacement, you’ll find a great Atlanta orthopedic surgeon in Piedmont Orthopedics. Dr. Schmidt has been in practice for over 30 years and is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon. He also specializes in shoulder conditions and knees. He also offers computer-assisted treatments. You can find more information about Atlanta orthopedists at their website.

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