East Africa – Guide To Your Next Holiday Destination

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East Africa

East Africa is a continent that offers a multitude of attractions for tourists and is a very attractive tourist destination. There are many factors that make it a perfect tourist destination. The place has something for everybody. In this regard, you will not find Tanzania too overwhelming as it is a safari destination with numerous parks and game reserves for tourists to enjoy. Kenya too is very popular and has many sporting opportunities for the tourists. The next destinations in line are Uganda and South Africa.

A safari in East Africa offers you a chance to view some exotic animals like the big five, African lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and many more. A visit to Masai Mara in Kenya is very popular for those interested in watching wild animals and you can also visit Serengeti National park. You will get an opportunity to see a variety of wild animals.

If you are an adventure lover then East Africa is the right place for you. It has high mountains and other wild life attractions. There are many game reserves and sports for the adventure seekers. If you want to enjoy the scenery then a tour to Africa is a must.

The next best attraction in Africa is the Zanzibar archipelago, famous for its unique natural beauty. The island has a warm and dry climate. It is popular for its beaches and golf courses. There are many places where you can stay over night and explore the beautiful island.

One of the most popular East African cities is Mombasa in Kenya. It has a tropical climate with many beach resorts. If you are a shopping freak then you should visit the various markets in Mombasa. There are many tourist attractions in the city including colonial buildings and old buildings. Kenya is an important nation in East Africa and has ancient townships. You will find the city has a nice selection of hotels and lodges.

Another good place to visit is Kilifi. It is an old settlement on the Indian Ocean coast. It has beautiful beaches. If you love surfing then you should visit the resorts in this region. These East African countries have historical significance and provide a great travel experience.

East Africa has two large islands which are very famous among tourists. These islands include Kenya’s Malindi Island and Tanzania’s Zanzibar Island. These islands are very beautiful and offer great travel experience. So visit these islands during your visit to East Africa.

East Africa is the best place to visit for those looking for a spiritual experience. There are various churches and monasteries here which give a spiritual feeling to visitors. You can also go to the Zuurmondo Church which is well known for the work done by the monk that lived here many centuries ago. This church is famous for it amazing frescoes. There is also a museum in Zuurmondo where you can see some very old artifacts.

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