How to Choose a Tree Service Company in Connecticut

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Tree Service Connecticut

Whether you need a Remove a Tree removal or just some tree trimming services, you should not hesitate to contact the Connecticut-based company of Green Valley Tree LLC. These professionals have many years of experience providing top-notch services to residents and businesses in the state. These experts are ISA certified and trained to deliver excellent results. In addition to their certifications, all of the tree care professionals at Green Valley Tree LLC are trained in safe, environmentally responsible practices.

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The law requires tree care companies in Connecticut to have a CT Licensed Arborist on staff. This will be shown on their marketing materials, and is the minimum standard for tree work in Connecticut. These companies are also required to register with the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, and they have to obtain a “S” number from the agency. A Connecticut Licensed Arborist is also permitted to apply pesticides on your property, but you should be sure to ask if the company you are considering has one on staff.

Make sure the company has worker’s compensation insurance. While tree work is dangerous, it is also incredibly important to hire a company with insurance. It is essential to protect yourself and your property from potential injuries that could occur during the service. Check to see that any employees of the company have this insurance, and that they have the proper credentials and licenses to do the job. While it may seem like an unnecessary extra cost, you should never be hesitant to ask for a certificate of insurance from the company that will verify their coverage for tree work.

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