What Is a Monitor Mount?

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A Agile Office Furniture – monitor mount is used to hold a flat screen monitor. The mounting system must be compatible with the type of monitor you want to attach it to. For example, some monitors are compatible with VESA mounting systems. These mounts fit screens with a specific hole pattern. The hole pattern is usually a square pattern, but it can vary with different monitor sizes.

How do I choose a surface mounting option?

The best monitor mount should be adjustable, and can accommodate a variety of monitor sizes and weights. It should allow for easy screen sharing and rotation. It should also be flexible enough to swivel side to side. You should also check the weight capacity of the monitor arm you choose. If the mount is able to hold the weight of your monitor, it is compatible with that monitor.

A monitor mount should be adjustable, so that you can position your monitor at the best height for your needs. Adjustable monitor mounts are also better for ergonomics, since they can help you maintain proper posture when working on your computer. If you are prone to neck and back aches, an adjustable monitor mount can be a godsend.

The monitor arm can be free-standing, or you can attach it to a desk. Monitor arm mounts attach to the desk via a clamp or a grommet that goes into the desk.

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